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Tips on Cleaning Cast Iron

Cleaning cast iron is not like cleaning any other utensil at home as it involves a lot of dos and don’ts. To clean the cast iron properly you should learn how and the tips to contemplate while cleaning the cast iron. The sole aim of this article is to pinpoint tips that are of the utmost benefit to follow while cleaning up your cast iron.

One of the vital steps to starting while cleaning cast iron is identifying the ideal cleaning materials and equipment to clean the cast iron.It is crucial to note that the cleaning tools and material for cleaning cast iron are specific as the cast iron cannot be cleaned by cleaning equipment. Additionally, It is vital to think about the detergent and amount and amount of detergent to use in the process of cleaning the cast iron.

Another element to pay attention to before cleaning your cast iron is knowing the precise time to clean the cast iron which could be immediately or waiting for a few minutes after utilizing the cast iron. The highly suggested time to clean the cast iron after its use is immediately after the cast iron has served its purpose. The essence of cleaning the cast iron immediately after use is to prevent the cast iron from any contact with water which if in contact can make it rust hence reducing the cast-iron life span.Cleaning cast iron requires the use of hot water and using your free hands where the water is unbearably hot, one can put on gloves and scrub the cast iron with hands to prevent removal of cast iron seasoning. Besides, oils on the cast iron can only be removed by using hot water to effectively clean the cast iron.

Drying the cast iron is the next step after rinsing off the cast iron with clean water. After drying off the cast iron the next guide is applying a considerable amount of oil on the surfaces of the cast iron then storing it in a clean and dry place. Using the cast iron in the right way is the other crucial thing to always look into to make the cleaning process much easier. All is not lost when you discover you have been doing the cleaning of the cast iron in the wrong way. The main reason for not worrying over your incorrect cast iron cleaning skills since you will be in a position to re-season the cast iron as a way of maintenance.

To conclude on the above procedures, it is essential to contemplate the kind, brand, and design of the cast iron you get from the local store as it determines the cleaning steps of the cast iron.

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